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he's her cocaine

&&& she's addicted

mandy_cakes, bitch.
31 March
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Welcome to The_ohso_Beauty This is a rating community.This community is for the people are are talented,beautiful,sweet,seductive,sexy,great personalities,great sense of humors, who are creative.
ARE YOU one of these people? COME FIND out. and JOIN! ;p</sup>


I'm the Mod.
My name is Jenn. I'm 18 yr olds. I'm Taken.
I live in East brunswick Nj,Loves polka dots and hello kitty
is myspace&lj junkie. Hates stupid and annoying people.
Loves make up, and bewing nice to everyone.
I love people who can be themselves.Out going & Friendly
Loves the word Scene and Super. Funky and Jewish.
Likes unique jewerly. Loves the colors teal,lime green and pink.
I dislike selfish and stuck up people.
Obsession with Hearts and stars.i Graduated Highschool 2005. I'm going to be a special ed teacher. i work full time at a day care center. I love being me. I don't match my clothes. I like to stand out. <3


Amanda. Mandy. 17. Born March 31st. Miami, FL. Cuban. happily taken since 10-9-04. Friends mean everything. Opinionated. Very strong convictions. Acting && writing. Sworn enemy of superficial bullshit. Scared of toasters. Sings to Broadway musicals in the shower. Dances to Michael Jackson when no one is looking. Unhealthy obsessions with Victoria's Secret Angels, Angelina Jolie, and Johnny Depp.

My names Nikki, i'm 17 years old. I have red hair, blue-green. I am 5'5 and weigh 116lbs. I live in the most boring town in this whole world. I attend Melbourne High School, and am no longer in the marching band. I have my bellybutton pierced and my tongue pierced. I am very outgoing and will tell you what's on my mind and what my opinion of you is. I'm outspoken, bitchy, but can be the sweetest thing if you get on my good side. I am mostly italian, but also have irish and german in me. I have have tons of siblings but am only close to 3 of them.

Jessica. 13. Miami, FL. Costa Rican/Cuban. 8th grader. Loves many things. Anime. Music. Movies. Andrew. Hate more things. Sterotypes. Homophobes. Idiots. Morons. Am obsessed with (at the moment) Fall Out Boy, All-American Rejects, The Used, and Livejournal && MySpace.

1. This community is about The good looks and personality & hey, we don't want stuck up people up in here.
2. WE want Confindent people.
3. If you are rejected you cannot bitch at us. DO NOT post anything only when you BEEN Stamped By a co mod or a MOD. or if only a member or a mod asks you a question about your app then u can respond.
4. If you are Accepted. PROMOTE and Stay Active. There will be Best member of the month. ETC.
5. PLEASE put Application or long posts(if you are Accepted) UNDER a LJ cut.
6. In the application bold the question so it is easier to read.
7. In the subject line put " so Beautiful" so WE know you read the rules.
8. If you are REjected you can put another application ASAp. and if you are rejected again. SUCKs for you
9.Don't start fights.
10.Apply within 48 hours of joining.
11.Must be 13+ to apply





None as of yet.
If you would like to become an affiliate contact one of the mods.